Friday, June 24, 2011

Posting Day One

First day. Of course I already started a blog but can't access it. Awesome. So here's a second blog with a dash. They don't make this the easiest but it will do.
In attempt to get out there more and actually make a living as an artist I am investing time and energy to this blogging endeavor. The transition from student to fine artist isn't the easiest either. It takes perseverance, some guts and a lot of hustling to put it lightly. Though I know I will eventually be successful, do I have the patience to wait it out?
In the meantime, more painting, more networking, additional teaching and a few commissions. It's all become a big juggling act and balance is key. Though my sense of entitlement is still there, always wondering why I couldn't just be born with or married into financial freedom, I know that working hard and intelligently is key. Being grateful for who I am and what I have instead of demanding or desiring for what I don't is important.
So here we go on another adventure. I can't but help put my own personal spin on it and include what I'm thinking and feeling along the way. Besides I love writing too.
"Whatever you do, do with all your heart."----writer?

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